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Julia, 15.
Taylor Alison Swift.
October 8, 2011 & May 25, 2013

Final Kisses! End of the Red Tour!! 
Photo By: Dave Hogan/TAS


taylorswift: Haircut. (x)

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  • Taylor Swift: I guess we're in this together
  • Taylor Swift: Oh my god, please never leave me
  • Taylor Swift: This is the longest and best relationship I have ever had
  • Taylor Swift: Promise me this, that you'll stand by me forever
  • Taylor Swift: Thank you for caring about my music, and for caring about me
  • Taylor Swift: I love you guys more than anything in the world
  • Taylor Swift: To the fans who come to the shows with the shirts that you made yourselves and the looks on your faces, that's why I do this
  • Taylor Swift: Fans are my favorite thing in the world
  • Taylor Swift: Thank you for wanting to go to concerts, you guys are unbelievable
  • Me: *gross sobbing*

Taylor Swift & Ellie Goulding sing ‘Burn’ at the O2 in London 2/11/14

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